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Via Citykitties (emphasis mine):

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

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Just to add: the "or" in the If this makes you as angry" paragraph is what we logicians call an inclusive-or. Meaning you can do both, you aren't limited to one or the other. I am sure there are lots of groups around the country doing good animal welfare work and, while I can't support them all, I can do what I can...

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