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Work has me feeling negative, and not just me so I'm surrounded by negativity - complaining comes naturally. And I don't like being that person, so I'm going to try to shake it up a bit. I'm going to pick one - and only one - bad thing from my day, followed by one good, and top it off with a favorite share from Tumblr or somewhere else.

Not sure how long I'll keep this up, but I also hope it won't be a one-day thing. So...

1 - The bad: S. never got around to paying the Optimum bill, so they cut off service this morning. This was slightly more than an inconvenience since it meant anyone calling the clinic was told just that. But the big problem was what it seemed to represent to all of us, and it set off a wave of frustration at how the place was being mismanaged. Pretty toxic, actually.

2 - The good: I saw a doctor this Saturday who told me my broken toe is healing, but I was putting too much stress on the tendons around it and I had to wear shoes with better support. (I'm diabetic, so it's a bit dangerous to buddy-tape the actual toe.) So I went out and bought black trainers with a very thick bottom, but they have thee super-long laces that keep coming untied. Meaning he's effectively put me in more danger of exactly the same kind of accident.

This is beyond hilarious to me, for some reason.

3 - The beautiful: this really intensely beautiful fan theory that Captain America was supposed to be kind of a Golem. I was blown away.


Aug. 26th, 2016 01:05 pm (UTC)
I read that Cap post... I found it very interesting, even though I'm not conversant enough with Jewish culture and teachings to say I understood it as fully as I would have if I were Jewish. But knowing what I do about his Jewish creators and Jewish belief, it resonated.

I'm continually amazed at how people find *something* within his character to connect to their own experience. I think that's the key to his enduring popularity, even if now and then that popularity has waned a little: he truly belongs to all of us because he represents the good--potential and realized both--in all of us.



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