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Christmas (etc.) cards

I like doing Christmas cards. Or Chanukkah cards, or winter holiday cards more generally. And since I like to write lots of them and because end-of-semester time is at a premium, I tend to start out early.

The thing is, I have a hard time knowing what to do in certain circumstances - in particular for my atheist or secular friends. I grew up with the holiday culture wars just like I did with most other kind of culture wars, with two rather interesting results: first, that "Merry Christmas" now seems rather political and even militant so I tend to think of "Happy holidays" as in many ways the more spiritual greeting because it taps into the heritage of holy-days and hasn't been tainted by that particular upbringing. Second: it made me hyper-aware of how the phrase "Merry Christmas" could be perceived by many non-Christians. For me, Christmas is a religious holiday with both theological and psychological meanings I don't expect to carry over for non-Christians. But I know that the winter season is a time of bitter weather and the desire just to want to stay in and spend time with family or friends. And I want to honor that - the importance of good food and music, and family and friends and love, which is as true for people who claim other religions and no religion at all (or simple indifference!), as it is for Christians.

So in light of that I went looking for holiday cards that were not holy-day cards. I didn't want cards that could just as easily have been Christmas cards but the inside had the greeting changed. Everything I found was either hopelessly bland or cheap-looking, and since I like giving cards I wanted something that was actually beautiful. Seven stores and three boroughs later, I thought I'd found some vintage Mickey that might do the trick - but when I got home I found they had "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" stamped inside. I did try! 

Anyway: I would love to send you guys a Christmas card. I'll even try to make it a reasonably secular one, if I know that you prefer that kind of thing. ("Reasonably" secular doesn't mean completely secular, alack and alas...) Please leave me your address even if you think I have it, since my address book is a few years out of date. Comments should be screened, but I often don't get that right on the first try, so if you're concerned about privacy you can also email me.

And please don't feel like you're imposing! I wouldn't be offering if I didn't want to send out cards.
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