fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I saw a trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special thing and (spoilers) they had me at that first sight of Alex Kingston. Not only is it the return of River Song (who I love dearly, my fave DW character after Martha in the entire canon), but it's the River Song of Silence in the Library, before Moffat defanged her.

There are only two problems here:

  • I haven't actually seen DW past "Deep Breath."

  • I won't be in an English-speaking country over the holidays, so how the heck I'm going to find an undubbed version...

(Have I not mentioned holiday plans? A sort of adopted grandmother turned a hundred earlier this month, so the family's getting together to do a combined Christmas/birthday celebration thing down in Switzerland. Neuchatel, specifically. I have an honest-to-God Alpine winter holiday planned, or close enough, though it's not nearly as posh as it sounds. Mostly I'm looking forward to ten days of time away from work, and of course getting to see Dottie again.)

Anyway. Doctor Who. I'm thinking there may need to be some rather massive Netflixing this weekend. Hello, sweetie! 
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