fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

So the Belgians were asked not to report on police movements in the aftermath of the recent Paris tragedies, and they responded by tweeting cat pics instead. #UCanHasCounterTerrorism, apparently.

Must say, my faith in humanity is just a little bit restored.

Also - bonus, unexpected blessing time - the building at work has a routine public safety inspection, and my boss doesn't want us on-hand for it. We have a space-sharing arrangement, and while we're not doing anything at all underhanded, he doesn't want us questioned or risk saying something that would cause a problem. Easier just to skip the whole thing, so we're all working from home tomorrow. Given that I work pretty much every day from home and work, this feels like a holiday. More of one, as we're also off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. I feel positively lazy.

On a more fannish note, I read the Valaquenta and Ainulindale this weekend. I had this grand plan in mind about writing a vignette or one-shot of some sort building off of each section of the Silmarillion (I'm rereading it to try to get back into Tolkien), but those first sections aren't really made for that. Or maybe my muse is just absent. Anyway, it was a nice return to first things, and in more ways than one. The Ainulindale in particular is so subtle, with each turn of phrase meaning so much, it feels like slipping back into that early medieval philosophy I loved so much! don't even get me started on the debates about whether God has free will. Or how evil could begin giving everything God created is good. It's all over that section, and seeing it again in a frame of reference that doesn't make me rage up or tear up is really quite refreshing.
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