fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Today was a good day.

Last night I yook the Kid to see the last Hunger Games movie, which was B/B+ but fun to see with her and got in at 3:00 so I took a planned personal day today. Slept until 10:30 or so, did a little work but not much, then did therapy this afternoon and did some window-shopping in Manhattan. I got a blueyooth headset, utterly failed to find workable boots, and very nearly bought a Thelonius Monk record. As in LP. In a lot of ways I am a very old soul.

Im starting to miss Tolkien a bit, the fanfic writing but mostly the stories. So I also bought The Silmarillion ebook on Amazon, thinking I'd reread it. Haven't gotten past the letter to Milton what's his name but we'll see.

I miss being atound here. Work has been so intensely busy, and Tumblr is better for quick syuff, so it's easy. LJ is better, though. I'm going to try to spend more time around here, though.

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