fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Here's to small victories that actually aren't that small: when I have coverage at work and don't have to be at the front desk, I have permission to come in late.

As I'm doing really, really well to get out of there by 6-7 PM anyway... At least this won't feel like being taken advantage of. (Which I'm not sure it is; but it now falls under the category of taking command of my schedule.)

On another topic, I don't suppose any of you academic types has access to the latest volume of Harvard Theological Review? There's an article in the latest volume I've been salivating over, but find myself digging my heels in at the prospect of giving another red cent to the higher education complex. So if any of you profs or uni librarians has access and wouldn't mind sending me a copy of Cohn's "Heresiology in the Third-Century Mishnah," I'd be ever so grateful... 

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