fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I've noticed myself being a bit snippy and irritable lately, which makes me think it's a good idea to post positive things. Case in point, this post:

If Jews Celebrated Halloween

This list is so perfectly... accurate. This is exactly how Jews would approach Halloween, at least among the Ashkenazi. Given my own tendencies, perhaps it's not such a strange thing I feel at home here.

On another note, I watched the trailer no less than four times last night. Mostly this is because I see so many other people being excited and happily meta'ing and gif'ing, and I wonder what's wrong with me on that front. And I'm starting ... not to get excited so much, but definitely to see things that could be very very good if done right. I'm more optimistic than I once was on that front, so we'll have to see!
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