fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Tonight I went to see the new Mission: Impossible movie after therapy. I'm sure it's a nice summer blockbuster for most people, and the first few bits semed pretty interesting. Unfortunately for me I had a bad reaction - high-speed, dangerous chase on motorbikes down a dangerous road, those of you who know my personal history can maybe guess why that's... problematic, to put it mildly. Actually I got so upset I left and got a bit sick in the lobby, and was generally quite humiliated.

I did like the way they updated the whole concept of the IMF though - if you're going to have a super-sekrit spy agency with no real oversight these days, it's going to have to have a ... strained relationship with the government. I love the way they worked that.

I did love the movie poster I saw of Katniss for MJ2, with her face painted red and white. It was so striking. But it makes me worry the flick will overlook all the emotional heft of the story left to tell and make it just a straight-up war story. Which I'm not sure I'd ever forgive. We'll see of course.

There was an interesting preview for a movie set around Ben-ghazi, and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Not the movie wso much as the reaction, I mean. It feels like war porn, American Snipeor that kind of thing, and those generally go over well with conservative sorts (pro-military, pro-America, hyper-masculine, etc.) but this is Ben-ghazi. Can you hero-worship people involved in that event, even the cleanup? There's such a natural tension there.

Getting back to MI, I heard somewhere that there was a lot of blatant borrowing from Sherlock. I didn't see it in what I saw, but I'd be interested to know if I missed it. Inquiring minds and all that.  
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