fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

This is officially the last time I buy a weekly metro card.

I've done it precisely three times. One was okay but the rain was so horrible I didn't go out that weekend. Time #2, I slipped and sprained my ankle, and ended up living out of cabs for the next week and change.

And then there's today. I misplaced/lost/had stolen my wallet/cell phone case combo doohicky, which is majorly not fun in a lot of ways. Nobody's touched my bank account, which makes me hopeful it's either under a stack of papers somewhere, or else ended up in the new woman's at work's things. She started today and didn't feel comfortable using her personal phone for work (a good point, and bless her for being able to set those boundaries - maybe the habit will hold ...), so I let her use mine while I was sitting with her which is used for work.

This cracks me up that this is my reaction. I lost my bank card, my ID (well, I still have a passport...), about sixty dollars in cash, and pretty much everything else I need to make it through the day, not counting the phone itself - and my frustration is over the metro card that I'll no longer be able to make use of. That's so me

Also, for the record, so true to form with weekly passes. Something about that's just tempting fate.  .
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