fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

oh, frabjous day

I put in my order the other day to have an Arthur C. Clarke short story put on eReserve for my class. This has me happy beyond all explaining. Not quite sure why, but I'm enjoying the smiles. For the interested, we're reading "The Star," which is available online here.

Also: I can has headphones. Navy blue + silver Skull Candy lowriders - good midrange models that handle bass a lot better than I was expecting, and with a kind of cushion on the top so my hair doesn't get all tangled, and a cord just the right link. Not professional-grade, but much more comfortable and better sound quality than my usual earbuds. I've been killing time and listening to music. And it's not after Thanksgiving yet, so I'm allowed to treat myself.

So this is just to say: Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, Fatboy Slim, Benny Goodman, The Doors, Joe Crocker, and most especially Jimi Hendrix - those cats could play!

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Tags: fiction, music, rl
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