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Today has been a day that could graciously be called "hectic." I took a shower at a little before 9:00, had my phone ring just as I was getting out, and finally got to finish getting dressed ... maybe half an hour ago. It wasn't that things were done, more than because our schedule changed, what I normally did in two days I was now trying to manage in one.

On top of confirming the PT appointments, getting my weekly reports sent over to the lawyers, and other odds and ends, I designed a Word document that will let me summarize what seems to be called patient "demographics" - basic details but also their insurance info. When exactly the fact that you're in an auto accident and these are the numbers needed for doctors to get paid became "demographics" in my life, I'm not sure, but I now have a handy-dandy form for me to put it all in so I can quickly send it off to other options. This is something that became my job about two weeks ago (gathering and sending off that info), which I'm happy to do because it's the kind of at-home computer work fiddling with details that's just my style, really, and it gives me a reason to turn down other things less my kind of work. (Though I try not to do that any more than I have to; I like being helpful.) But it's fiddly enough that I need something I can just attach as a file, rather than copying it into an email, and I need a way to "remember" so I don't have to research the same patient twice. Ergo: this form.

Which means I've done nothing fun all day long. That's ... not completely unreasonable, given I do work full-time, but I also work nights and weekends and whenever they need me, which is kind of the tradeoff in a lot of ways. And today was just a little more concentrated in workiness than I like. Especially since I'm not with people and not taking coffee and lunch breaks and socializing and the like. But it was exceptionally busy, so I'm okay with that.

That means I don't actually have a lot to talk about. I've been reading a bit of blogosphere reactions to the latest Pew poll that lots of people are leaving mainline Protestant churces and becoming part of the "nones." (Same old conclusion, but with more extreme numbers than before). Well, I say following - not today obviously, but generally. I'm always genuinely surprised to reactions about stuff like this because there's a lot of people who think if Christianity wasn't the majority, what most people believed, and the default we assume people believe, that would be a real falling-away from the ideal. But that's just not the way I read the Bible or understand Christian history at all. I know it's not the first time that people expected everyone in their society to become or be Christians, but it's also not the first time that people have said you can't expect that because it's not what the Bible promises at all. And it's not. So I'm always more than a bit surprised by this idea that society / the law should reflect Christian values (whatever they are) or that everyone should be Christian or seem Christian (whatever that means). Even though I've been around this particular block enough to where I shouldn't be surprised.

I saw holmestice was looking for a pinch-hitter involving a BBC female character, which made me think my Mary Morstan idea could fit, but by the time I saw the request it was snagged up. Which I'm kind of glad for, as I don't need the deadline pressure. But also kind of sad I missed because it would be funto have a prompt to kind of push that story forward. If nothing else, this shows the idea is kind of stuck in my mind lately.

What I really want to do is turn on some Granada and zone out for a bit, but Granada is not made for zoning. Maybe Cabin Pressure. That would have the benefit of letting me close my eyes, which would be nice. Of course, I have more than 2,800 entries my RSS reader (mostly from neglecting Tumblr for the better part of a week and some news sites I'll want to pick out what I actually want to read), and I need to write up my weekly round-up for ... whatever that community is called where I do that. (I'm tired...) And finish my AO3 training. And get to bed by 10 PM or so as I need to be on-site tomorrow by 8 AM for a long day. And if I have the time do some scanning and filing that I didn't get to during the day today. So probably not as much time to relax as I'd like. :-)
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