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Tonight, I learned that you can install decent freeware on a Kindle tablet that lets you navigate files pretty much like you would in Wildows file explorer, and that it's really very easy to copy files between a Kindle and a PC that's connected with one of those USB charging cords. So I got all the scanning I've done loaded onto a tablet (or tablet-esque device, as Kindles don't quite qualify there). I also have it on a jump USB drive so I can have my files on a computer at the office withoutbringing my laptop in.

This is important because work is having me carry patient file folders back and forth, and we've gotte to the point where space is really at a premium. We're working on gettin a lockable file cabinet at work, but until that appens, I hav a large backtop stuffed to capacity of patient folders and am still having to leave some at home. Stuffing my laptop in on top of that is ... not great from a technology safety POV. Also another bit of weight. I'm already having lower back pains and the bookbag is starting to fray at the edges. If they don't get this sorted soon I may need PT myself! On top of which it's really easy to leave something behind when I have that much physical material to juggle, and I actually left my laptop behind one day last week. Which is... not okay. I really can't afford to lose a computer(!) which is another reason I'd love to not have to take it in.

Today, besides the church talk, I basically did laundry and not much else. The laundry was quickish but I was too lazy to actually get anything else done. I did a bit of scanning and electronic filing (as in: renaming files, putting in the proper folder, etc.) but that took all of a half-hour. My flatmate had a photo shoot here tonight (he's a fashion designer) so I tried to stay out from underfoot. It gave me a good excuse to laze about in bed and watch Star Trek

Speaking of #1: some people said on the other post that I was a bit tolerant or patient with the flatmate and his mum. Maybe. It feels like I am not the best flatmate either. I'm not great with the cleaning, and I also have some psych problems that give me nightmares, and I wouldn't be surprised if I've woken him by screaming bloody murder i the middle of the night, or will eventually. I've told him about all this so he doesn't worry, but basically there's this voice inside me that says Im no gret prize either. He really is very laid-back and we get along pretty well in most ways, and I like the location and the place and the costs, etc. And it's not as ba as it once was, at least not this time. I've gotten set up so I have my own space and worked out with him that I won't be hanging around. It's... okay. Not great, but also not intolerable, at least not this time.

Actually, the thing that's been on my mind today is something different: how the talk was kind of honoring what I'd done in grad school, and was actually the closest I'd come to a kind of commencement ceremony, which meant a lot but also left me eeling cheated of the real thing. It's a bit hard to explain. I don't think I walked at any of my college commencements, and there's a reason for that, high school was pure torture, but now I kind of miss it and am angry I wasn't given the chance to turn that down at the last stage, at least. But I've not been thinking very much about the flatmate situation. It's actually been kind of a busy day for grumpy, slightly-depressive trains of thought.

(It does worry me a bit, just how much of that kind of thing I can "take." Probbly not healthy. But not overwhelming this time, which is something.)

On the fannish front: I'm starting to think about another story, BBC-verse and Mary-centric. Quite honestly, this scares the pants off me. The Sherlock fandom seems so divisive, and the story I want to tell isn't about defending or blasting Mary but rather looking at why she didn't defend herself when John and Sherlock confronted her after Leinster Garden. The thought is that when John called her his lying soon-to-be ex-wife and the mother of his child, he put her in a position where her only real sympathy ploy was to pull on that pregnancy, and she just... didn't. So I am interested to look into why, whether it was a sel-respect thing not to try to use a pregnancy to "trap" him or what precisely. The question of whether her actions were justifiable is almost beside the point for the story I want to tell, and I'm just not sure the fandom is in any kind of state to hear that. But it's also something that's fascinated me for a while, and I'm very tempted to play around with it.

My muse, being an incorrigible thing, seems intent on making Mary from my own neck of the woods in South Carolina, just because it's a world I know all too well and wouldn't mind folding in to her past a bit. Also because I'm pretty sure it's the last thing Mofftiss intended I'm sure, and I'm feeling a bit incorrigible.

Also, do keep an eye on acd_holmesfest. Lots of lovely art and fic coming out of that. My own piece is polished, submitted, and ready to be posted (the waiting is hard, hence the drive for more fanficcing), but seeing some of the other lovely bits is good medicine. I've read all but one of the pieces and quite like them.
Also-also, someone submitted a nice note about me to the sherlockiansbepositive group over at Tumblr, which of course made me smile like a wide smiling thing.

Also, in case you haven't heard: setlock for series four is set to start in the spring of 2016, and it's a proper (meaning three-episode, which is in no way proper at all) three-episode series. So, you know, actual news. There's that!  
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