fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

in which there is fic (almost)

The big news of the day is I finally, finally finally finished the first full draft of my submission for acd_holmesfest, and because I have the world's best betas already received not one but two sets of revisions. Really, you guys went above and beyond on this one. I'll have the final version be off to the comm maintainers by tonight.

I can't go into specific details because it's an anonymous exchange, but it's a fun bit of canon (as in, Doyle) fanfic and probably the first piece of prolonged writing I've done in too long. More content ended cut out of the finished fic than in it, and I just need to find a way to make that other material hang together so there may be a sequel/parallel piece/thing at some point. Of course I said that about the last round's submission, too, so that may be an empty promise. Best-laid plans and all that, but the intention is there, at least.

Also, while I'm on the subject: I really do appreciate the flexibility the organizers gave me to turn this in a bit late. Not only is my submission late, I asked for an extension in the worst way, waited until the last second and didn't so much ask as assume I could have it. I don't know how this exchange's admins manage it, but they seem to simultaneously make sure everything is well-run but also be extremely flexible, and I won't be a problem participant next time. (I'm pinch-hitting, it's my job to not break things further!) And they always have such well-done submissions. If you're into Doyle fanfic and fanart, I really encourage you to head over and check it out.

Mainly, though, I'm so happy to have this done. Not because it was a tough fic to write (though it was), so much as because it is a story I'm actually proud of and doesn't feel like something I just slapped together on a whim. Which is a really good feeling. There's been some wank in the Sherlock fandom that had me feeling like I did't quite know how to contribute, and this has me feeling like I've found my feet again, a bit. Plus, it's reaffirmed something that I've suspected for quite a while: while I love consuming BBC fandom, as a creator, I'm much more at home with Doyle and Granada. Sometimes old school is the best school.

Other good stuff: my flatmate went to pick up mail and picked up some of my packages as well, which means I now have a new cell phone wallet and something else I haven't opened yet, probably the bookends I ordered off Amazon. I swear I'm not a girly-girl, because the new case is very pink, but also cute. He also took $100 off my rent this month because we've had longterm houseguests. I wasn't expecting that, but it's definitely appreciated, as much for the consideration as the money.

Now off to finish the editing. Or, you know, do actual paid work.  
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