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Tumblr round-up

It's been a while since I've done a round-up of Tumblr posts and the like, though I have been occasionally posting links to specific things here. I like doing that, and other people seem to like it as well, so I thought I'd do one that covers the last week.

Meta-ish posts by me:

1. an analysis of Sherlock's decision to shoot the wall in TGG
2. a headcanon/meta on dwarves and gender
3. A Tolkien + Sherlock fanfic writer got an ask (basically a private note sent through Tumblr) calling her out on only loving the movies and not knowing or caring about the Tolkien books. I talked about why I found that kind of comment so counterproductive.
4. a discussion on what it means to leave fandom, and to announce it
5. thinky thoughts on a quote from a book review, looking at LGBT identity and the way Christians discuss gender
6. one of those get-to-know-you memes
7. why it's worth reading metas you don't agree with

My Doctor Who Rewatch:

1. The Parting of the Ways
2. Bad Wolf

Things I've Been Reading (and Enjoying), both RL and Fanfic:

1. Maybe This Christmas, by feverishsea (Anthea-centric with developing Johnlock and Mystrade on the margins)
2. Computers proving mathematical theorems How artificial intelligence could change math.
3. Beanie Babies: The Economics and Psychology of a Plush Toy Investment
4. Concertos and Blackmail by hoc_volerunt. John and Sherlock casefic/James Bond-esque adventure
5. Westmark, Rejected by etothepii. Mycroft/Sherlock and how, so granted not everyone's cup of tea, but if it is - have at it.
6. Was Spock a Utilitarian?

Or if you want, you can just check out all my "reblog" pages where I share other folks' work.

1. marta-221b, for all things Sherlock Holmes

Tags: bbc sherlock, cast, granada holmes, doyle, ritchie holmes

Johix's lovely retirementlock fanart

2. marta-fandom, for all other fandoms (including Tolkien)

Tags: doctor who, lotr, tolkien, harry potter, the avengers, pixar, cabin pressure, the silmarillion, the hobbit,
My pic of the week: a really interesting reaction to a first read of "Swordspoint"

3. marta-beauty, for art, fashion, nature, cute animals and the like.

Tags: art, animals, nature

My pic of the week: ridonkulously cute photos of kids hugging animals

4. marta-geekery, for more academic interests: history, archaeology, linguistics, literature, science, math, that kind of thing.

My pic of the week: a fascinating discussion of different theological approaches to Leviticus 22:13 that don't amount to "God think gay sex is sinful. Lots of fun, different traditions at work here.

(I disagree with the idea that Chrisians must say the Old Testament is abolished and no longer applies or they deny Jesus's role as the Christ. I find that pretty anti-Semitic, actually, and a major misunderstanding of the role of messiah in Jewish thinking, and the role the Law was intended to serve in either religion. Still, it's a common response, it's an attemp to read the Bible and still be loving toward gay people, and the rest of this thread is pretty accurate and interesting.)

Please note, marta-221b and marta-fandom sometimes include NSFW/adult shares. I tag them with the "nsfw" tag, meaning you can skip those things by blacklisting that phrase using either Tumblr Savior (Chrome, Firefox) or the Blacklist extension within XKit if you'd like.

And enjoy!
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