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rewatching Doctor Who

So, I’ve finished the first season of my “Marta rewatches Doctor Who” thing - essentially rewatching New Who and choosing one quote or bit of dialogue from each episode to share. You can find all of those in my #marta rewatches doctor who tag at Tumblr or the LJ mirror if you’re so inclined.

I did this with Cabin Pressure too, but I loved unreservedly from start to finish. With Doctor Who, I have some mixed feelings. I really didn't like the second half of series seven, which is a bit odd because I actually really like Clara. The show just seemed too caught up in itself, trying to be too clever so it ends up not telling a story that really makes sense. Combine that with getting a git too overexposed to Moffat's casual sexism, and I was turned off enough that I haven't even watched most of series eight yet. (I know, my loss.) And part of the purpose of the rewatch is to fall in love with it gain and maybe watch the rest of it.

And that's what I'm finding really interesting, because the positive focus really helps. I'm looking for something to like each time, at least one thing, and even with my two least favorite episodes in the series ("Father's Day" and "The Parting of the Ways"), I can still find at least that. And having that be my focus makes me enjoy it more. There's a place for criticism, no doubt, but there's also a place for willing yourself to like something. It's... nice.

I think Chris Eccleston's Doctor will always be my doctor, just because he's the first one I fell in love with, but there's also some themes that really speak to me as a pacifist. I love too the tenderness and almost ordinariness of it. I mean, yes, this is science fiction and there are Slitheen and daleks, but its heart it's really a character-driven drama. It feels like it could be reality with just a very little bit of tweaking, and what drives it aren't the gods and monsters nearly so much as the psychology. It gives me hope and makes me try to strive to be better, because it points to a better way of being -but it also points to how everyone struggles with those insecurities. So stories that either felt a bit hackish in that department or just didn't have very much of it kind of left me cold. I think that's why I love "Boom Town" so much, and why the two-part finale has always left me cold. It always felt like te emotional and psychological aspects of Nine's arc more or less were tied up with the ending of "Boom Town," and the finale just struck me as "we now must get Nine to a suitably high-stakes regeneration" - without it having that much heart. At least for me.

Which is, I think, why I loved watching it this way, because I knew I wasn't going to naturally enjoy this last episode as much as some of the rest. I needed to work at finding things to like, and pushing myself in that direction helped me like it more than I would have otherwise. The ending is predictable based on where the series was headed, but still really enjoyable and with some great moments between Rose and the Doctor there at the end. I'll miss his stupid face.

Though I'm also really looking forward to the "Christmas Invasion." One of my favorite specials. I think I'll take a few weeks off, just to build the anticipation a bit. Or I may just push ahead, because self control isn't really my area.

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