fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

A remix of my fic

... and it's lovely.

thesmallhobbit took on my story “Hearth Fires,” which was my attempt to finally write something that passed the Bechdel Test, and give Mummy and Anthea some much-neeed attention as well. So I had Anthea visit Mummy Holmes to test how much she'd worked out about the truth behind Sherlock's "death," and give the two women a bit of a battle of wits TheSmallHobbit threw in Mycroft and made it a bit less dramatic and more chuckle-worthy.

I love it. Such a fun take on my scene, and Mycroft is appropriatly clever and harried. You can definitely see where Mycroft and Sherlock got their cleverness from, and also why Anthea is completely capable of being Mycroft's Girl Friday. It’s a quick read, gave me a definite smile, and is highly recommended for people who enjoy reading about Myroft and Anthea.

Read TheSmallHobbit's remix here.

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