fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

For reasons I can't quite figure out, LJ hasn't been sending me any notifications on comments received, here or any other LJ blog/comm, at least not to email. (I see them now in the LJ "inbox.") That combined with a general "down" mood made me assume I just wasn't being interesting, or people didn't care or were just busy all at once, rather than assuming there was a technical problem and poking around a bit.

Turns out you guys have been both insightful and supportive back at me, I just wasn't seeing it. Now I'm going to read through them and reply to as many as I have the time for. But if I don't get to your comment, please know I appreciate it and am not ignoring you! Sorry about the radio silence on my end.

(That's cairistiona7, chasingriver, engarian, shirebound, azalaisdep, lindahoyland, donutgirl, elliska, shadowfireflame, ellynn_ithilwen, mrowe, drinkingcocoa. Possibly others as well. I wanted to tag people so they'd at least get a general "I saw your comment and appreciate it" because I do.)

Also, thanks to fractalwolf for the ecard, and just_ann_now for the card-card. They were lovely!
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