fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

This is getting a bit ridiculous. I want to find a church in my neighborhood but researching online is impossible even these days, and this is the fourth week I've only thought to ask to have a newsletter sent over after their office closes on Friday.

Would some kind soul be willing to send me an email on Monday reminding me to call around? Maybe if I have to stare at it every time I open my email it will actually get done. It's melayton at gmail dot com.

Speaking of souls, I walked out the back stairs today where they had grates that I assume lets steam escape. They had those at the big downtown library we went to as a kid, and I think at some point my brother or I was waving our card around and my mum warned us to hold on to our stuff tightly because if it fell through the cracks it was gone forever. Which my macabre little brain translated to ghoulies down below trying to suck away my soul. We weren't overly religious or anything, not at the time, but I was not a child who grew up feeling safe, and I suspect it shows. I had a little frisson of fear today, the good kind you get with a Mark Gatiss DW episode or reading Edgar Allen Pie.

Also another library memory: at the pharmacy they had filled prescriptions hanging in these plastic bags on hangers. It was more or less the same kinds of bags where they hung up books on tape on the wall in the back of the children's room of that library. Yards and yards of books - it was just wonderful, and I miss that pure joy.

I had some good luck in RL today. The pharmacy said not to bother with my copay for my prescriptions, I have no clue why at all, and the bus was just arriving as I was leaving. Little things but they add up. I also finished up some work projects, so there's that as well.

There the good luck ends, though, I'm afraid. I was nearly done with a response to a remix exchange, only to find I had the wrong author. I may finish the story at some point, and I have a definite idea for the new one, but even so, this will be a bit rushed. Boo, hiss, etc. At least I'm caught up on work so should have the weekend.

All and all, though, not too bad.
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