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Right, so I'm scrolling through my RSS feed and didn't realize I'd left the Tumblr section and gone over to Serious News (TM) when I read this post from Rod Dreher:

Supposedly left, I suppose I should say, because it's been quite a long time since I laughed so hard. This is Rod Dreher, old white fart extraordinaire, sounding very inch the social justice blogger. I should say, I disagree with him on substance and think it's awesome how aware of the world's injustices said social media bloggers are, even if I'm not always crazy about how they present it. Still, imagining Rod Dreher with a Mean Girls vibe or some such thing is simply beyond hilarious.

In other news, I finished "Stranger at the Gate." I loved it right up until the last three paragraphs or so, at which point the plot took a fairly radical turn that just left me a bit confused. I don't mind the cliffhanger (it was no worse than TRF so much as the sense that I'd been a bit played with. Which is a shame because the story was remarkably well done, and maybe people who can handle direction-changes better than me would love it. It still makes me want to go look for more of that author's work.

I'm entering into a bit of a hyper period for fannish production when still nothing gets done. I have a piece set during the Doyle post-Reichenbach hiatus (sort of) that's been languishing untouched for a week now, and have all sorts of exciting ideas for a Mary Mostan centric fic for a current challenge goign on at Tumblr about lady Sherlock characters and pregnancy that I'm flat-out scared to write it because the Mary-haters will blow a lid and the people expecting no moral ambiguity will blow a completely different lid, and I'm just not sure there's a third way in the fandom at present. I hope to write it because I want to, but I'm not sure I'll ever share it. At the same time I got my assignment for a remix challenge I signed up for on a whim, and have an idea, I think for some kind of drabble or 221b series, you know "five times that _______ and one time ______ didn't." And I got halfway through a meta of why John married Mary even after Sherlock came back when I honestly don't get the feeling from the show that it as ever about love. About halfway through I felt like it was dragging so I saved the file and may come back to it but that, too, is left unfinished.

Mainly I feel tired and more than a bit down. It's weird. I actually do feel depressed in the sense of can barely sit up let alone concentrate and feel a bit worthless (common feeling for me - objectively I know it's wrong), but at the same time it's mixed with wanting to takeon every new project under the sun. It's....confusing, and had me feeling a bit like I need to crawl out of my skin. But maybe it's the fact that winter has finally broken and I don't really have clothes for it so I just feel perpetually uncomfortable. That really could be it.
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