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So I'm rewatching Doctor Who (the new series, not classic Who) and I have this custom of when I do something like this, I'll pick out a favorite quote from each episode and post it to Tumblr. If you like, you can follow these posts by bookmarking this Tumblr page and checking in, adding this RSS feed to your RSS reader, or by friending martadocwho this LJ account.

Though if you do the LJ route, there's a way to comment but I won't actually see it. Probably best to drop me a comment on a recent post here, even if the post is unrelated. Also, I add tags to the Tumblr post explaining why I liked the quote so much, and those only show up on Tumblr. That means if you're only reading things on LJ or through RSS, you're probably only getting half the fun.

So. If you like LJ and want to join me in reliving Doctor Who, I suggest: friend martadocwho and that way when I post a quote it will show up in your friends' feed. Then click the link to Tumblr to see the tags I add to the quote, basically my commentary on why that bit is a favorite. You don't have to interact on Tumblr, of course. And then if you want to talk about the quote or the episode or whatever else, just leave a comment on the most recent marta_bee post, even if the post has absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who.

Or, you know, don't if you're not interested. But I know some of you are Whovians so I thought I'd let folks know I was doing this.
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