fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

what a time to be alive

The Volokh Conspiracy, a major legal analysis blog, mentioned a Harry Potter fanfic that just finished posting. Positively, with only a joking bit of disrespect toward fanfic as a genre, but the Volokh seemed to take the story quite seriously and like it.

I've read the first ten and change chapters tonight and love it. Petunia marries an Oxford professor so Harry's adopted and raised by them, and he's every bit as rational and scientific as you'd expect. It's basically an alternate version of the HP events with that different upbringing in mind. Imagine a young Neil deGrasse Tyson being sent off to Hogwarts, and you've got the basic idea.

Read the Volokh piece here. Or just read the fic here. It's a long one, but it promises to be quite good.
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