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Hobbit Read-along over at Tumblr

The tolkienreadalong blog over at Tumblr is about to do a group read of The Hobbit. The way these generallywork, the woman running it (who also writes the lovely askmiddlearth Tolkien discussion/meta blog, posts several "Bingo" words related to that week's selection. People then react to the word of the week (whichever one they like), through discussions but also through fic, arts, crafts, cosplay, music - it's really incredibly creative. So you have people living through reading the book together and reacting to it. It can be a lot of fun.

Also, overwhelming, and so far as I know hosted mostly on Tumblr. If you are a member of that site, you might want to think about following the tolkienreadalong blog (which includes both read-along business as well as the submisssions the person running it chooses to reblog - not a quality judgment so much as a way to showcase the varietyand keep the converstion goint), as well as the tag that will include everything written or posted connected to the read-along, most recent first. Bookmark those sites and check in periodically starting April 4 even if you're not on Tumblr.

If you want to participate, you'll need to check in to the TRA blog (the first link in the paragraph above), but if you drop me an email with a link where you reacted to the TRA, I'll post it to my Tumblr, mark it so it shows up in the tag (that second link above), and make it clear this is me sharing what one of my LJ froods came up with. And the timing is gret because it's right at the end of BMEM, so maybe some people would like tocontinue their Tolkien groove that way.

The Hobbit read-along begins April 4. To kick things off, askmiddlearth has put together a fun "trailer" for the book. I love all her trailers, and love that this one includes some non-Howard Shore voices on those cannonical songs. What a great way to broaden our experience of the story.

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