fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

notch one more for the TA

Today's bus-ride was pretty horrendous. Partly it was weather (snow and lots of it), which both madet the bus late and caused s to be punched in a sardine. People tried to cram in meaning the doors couldn't properly shut, so we were facing long delays at each place.

There was a fist fight between two passengers, I think just on someone being obnoxious and someone else's temper being frayed. The upshot was everyone who wasn't fighting was kicked off the bus so they could call the police. The upshot was I was late, cold, and fighting for a seat on an already-packed bus. (I used my transfer to snag a seat on a different line and then took a cab the last piece.)

The other upshot is I may have hit y head. Or something. People were jumping all over trying to get out of he way and I distinctly remember jumping aisde and several seconds later being near a pole people hold to. Ever since, my head's been achey and I've been feeling dizzy and headachey and confused and like I'm fighting off nausea. Then again, I didn't sleep well nigh before, so it could just be exhaustion, or soething. I don't know. Feel like crap, in any case.
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