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This weekend's been a nicely lowkey one. No actual appointments and no errands outside of the neighborhood. Yesterday I went over to the bank to deposit a check and then found out on my phone that there was a Family Dollar maybe a ten-minute walk past where my bank was, which was itself at least a 10-15 minute walk from my house. Meaning I was halfway there. I'm not normally a fan of big chains, especially cheap ones which scrimp on quality and workers' wages and the like, but if you're going to buy Dayquil you might as well get it as cheap as possible and have the money to play around with or do whatever. And in my experience stories like Family Dollar have the cheapest OTC medication I'm yet to find. Since I was out of a few headachey/congestion things, I decided to walk over.

It actually wasn't a bad walk, the weather was nice, and they were out of Dayquil but I got a few other things I needed, most important those zinc throat lozenge things. Also, they're apparently trying to clear out the Valentine's Day candy for Easter, so it was all 75% off - including the 99-cent chocolates, meaning you could get a tray of chocolate covered cherries or a box of maybe twenty or so thin mints for a quarter. And the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate that's so cheap it's nearly free. Okay, good chocolate is even better, but good chocolate costs mega money and isn't half as easy to come by now that I'm no longer living in Little Italy. The real one, not the tourist monstrosity in Manhattan. Anyway, pharmaceuticals procured with a nice walk through areas of the neighborhood I'd not yet explored. I rounded it out with a roast-beef-and-muenster hero from a local gourmet deli and some cheetos, which I took home and heated up while watching my first-ever episode of Vikings. A little treat, and a bit of an extravagant one. I've felt poor for so long, I almost never "eat out," and while thils was only halfway that, it was a really nice treat.

Speaking of: Vikings. If you're not watching it you should probably consider it, because I personally think it's fantastic. It's a bit gritty, nothing too explicit but probably more on the side of R than PG13, but all the violence and sex is both interesting for the same reason anything else in the story is and makes sense culturally and personally. It's just life. Basically, this is about the Viking raiders who first sailed west, and it's about a family going against their thain to do that. So you have some really fascinating characters and relationships, and there's also some fascinating worldbuilding. There's all this tension that makes sense and seems natural but also makes for some top-shelf conflict. If you liked The Musketeers this might appeal. And it's free on Amazon Prime if you have that.

Today I wasn't going to leave the house at all, but I didn't have enough soday to make it through to Tuesday, and I didn't want to have to go out after "work" (the period when I'm supposed to be available)                                 if I had to actually go on-site the day after. I swear, this logic makes sense, and so I did a grocery run in the middle of all this snow. Then for reasons surpassing understanding I went down to the supermarket down the big hill because it's a little closer and I know the market, rather than the one that's further away but without the steep slope to maneuver in the snow. I ended up following and soaking my jeans and bruising my hip quite badly, but not so badly I turned around and went home, or that I'm not sitting at my desk right now. Anyway, I took photos and threw them up at Tumblr, if anyone's interested. (Tumblr just makes it easier to upload from my phone and share; you shouldn't need an account or anything to share.)

On the fic front, I beta'd a LOTR story but haven't actually been writing much myself. Or anything, really. I want to, though, and have definite ideas for one of the story prompts I received. I keep thinking about it and just not writing, so I think I'm going to just buckle down and do it this week. Inertia can be a powerful thing, apparently.

The latest frustration from Marta-land is over the security deposit from my old apartment, my half of it. I thought I was getting it back, but apparently I agreed to let it cover the second half of January, as I was moving out in January. I'm fairly confident I was told we'd both be moving out at the end of December and then she decided to stay on, and if she asked me to give up the deposit to let her do that I either misunderstood or waved it aside. There's a part of me that wants to insist on it, but this was all three months ago (it's been protracted since she left the country), and I don't feel like being a jerk, and I also have my tax refund so I'm feeling less broke than normal. So it's settled and I'm not going to push it, but it still has me feeling very slightly taken adantage of or cheated, even though objectively I've not been. It was a miscommunication if anything. And yet. :-)

Sometimes this adulting is hard, I tell you!

Still, low-key weekend, hot cocoa now in the cupboard... could be worse. :-)

PS - Tolkien fans, don't forget b2mem is just started! Go check it out. 
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