fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

So, I was writing a long whingeing comment that basically boiled down to I got a new machine and cant even be properly appreciative because it's diffeent from my old machine inall these ways (the ways it's better blur into the background), and work is draining and my body is, if not sick, at least veering toward rabbit of negative euphoria land. And then Firefox crashed and the post was lost.

Which may be the universe's way of tapping its nose disapprovingly at me. Or something. I don't know. My head's a bit too achey for deep thought right now.

But: new computer procured, and a letter by just_ann_now to round it out. As well as a second tax-refund check, the smaller of the two but still. Soit's a god day objectively if not subjectively.

Btw, this latest PhD comic is too good not to share.

P.S. - My new mousepad has an autozoom thing that I would love to disable. You know, hovering fingers above the pad or dragging it a certain way = computer changes its zoom level. Any idea how to turn that feature off?   
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