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It's cold. It's cold. Damn, but it's cold. The little man in my phone said it feels like 2 F (that's thirty Fahrenheit or about seventeen Celsius degrees below freezing, for those of you using a sane temperature scale). And while I still don't know what "feels like" means as no one has ever felt 2 F or any other temperature absent the wind chill or heat index or whatever, it's cold enough that within five minutes of brisk walking, my ungloved fingers were red, sore, and clumsy. The less said about my toeses the better.

I can still say, though, that thankfully we're not Boston. The sidewalks are mainly clear and certainly passable, and enough snow melted that when it dooes snow again we'll have a place to put it, I think.

Tonight was therapy which has lately felt... surprisingly unnecessary. The job and the new apartment has me so focused on such a different kind of life, that the things that once were devastating just aren't a part of what I'm dealing with right now. It makes me wonder if it may be time to think about quitting, but I suspect transition times aren't the best time for that. I still have some really bad days that are in no way work-related, for all I don't always talk about them around here, and it's good to have a place where I can talk about all that. And I suspect there's lots to work through even when I'm not in crisis mode.

On the train I read fanfic, and ended up reading the first four chapters of "Stranger at the Gate." It's a Sherlock AU, where Sherlock is a vampire and John is the door-warden charged with checking that visitors are human, and of course it's a Johnlock romance. It's not nearly as cliched as that makes it sound - actually, it's lovely, really fascinating with a ton of great world-building and compelling characterizations and a conflict that's just... yeah. Brilliant. Also explicit-rated with good reason. (Sex, not violence or themes so far.) I don't have the tab open, but it's by bendingsignpost and is up on AO3 if you think you'd find it interesting. She's also another author worth following, based on the strength of this piece.

I found an hour this weekend to write the first 500 or so words of my first fanfic out of the prompts I requested. I'm aiming to have it off to a beta by Friday. Also, on a fannish PSA level: b2mem is set to begin in a few days, so make sure you check that out if you're in the Tolkien fandom.

Here's a photo I took yesterday walking home from the laundry. Enjoy.

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