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I'm collecting fic-writing prompts over at Tumblr (simply because it's easiest to keep the prompts sorted there). So far I've received three Sherlock Holmes prompts, two BBC and one Doyle, but would love some more and wouild really love some variety (especially Tolkien). So if you wanted me to write more Tolkien fic, now's your chance to nudge me in that direction. And Sherlock fans, I'm still more than willing to have more Sherlock prompts if that's what occurs to you.

The idea is I'll write a prompt a week, send it off to the beta, and hopefully get it posted the week after (though that will depend of course on the beta - I'm not going to hold them to my arbitrary timeline). I may take a week off occasionally, but I'm spending too much time between projects and think having a stock supply of things to write will help me build up good writerly habits again. Ideally I'd like things that can be handled in a vignette, maybe a longer one-shot. I'll only write what inspires me, so the more it dovetails with characters or themes I've seemed interested in in the past, the better

Logistics: Go to this Tumblr page and leave me a short note with your prompt. If you don't have a Tumblr account you can use the anonymous feature and just type your name at the end. Or if you prefer to be truly anonymous leave off the name and just give me the prompt. That's fine. If the Tumblr thing confuses you leave it as a comment for me here and I'll copy it over. (Though I'd prefer not to have to if you can manage the Tumblr thing, and it will spoil any surprise because other people may see your prompt.) I'm happy to have more than one prompt, but please put each in its own note.

So go on: tempt a girl.
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