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I'm a geek. At some level I think we all knoew that, but apparently there's a whole uneplored basement.

Today I started rereading Lord of the Rings, which isn't so surprising except that I'm rereading it with a spreadsheet open, highlighting entries in my ebook and indexing them in the spreadsheet. Said spreadsheet has categories, references to where the passage can be found. The idea is I'll be able to clean it up and let someone know where Tolkien discussed (say) the writing and publishing process for LOTR, or where he discussed hobbit culture or Merry's background, and get to a list of places to go check out. In practice, there's very little chance I'll make it past Rivendell. Even if I fail at any kind of completion, at least it's got me reading Tolkien again.

There's a part of me that wonders how much of this is a manic episode coming on. Not full-on mania, but I do get a few weeks every si months or so when I want to take on broad sweeping projects. It's not interfering with work, so... *shrugs* More likely than not, I'll let it fall by the wayside at some point.

Of course, it's just possible that I rally am that big of a geek, or that I want and/or need an excuse to get back to reading Tolkien. 
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