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Some days I'm honestly not sure why I read Marc, over at Bad Catholic. He used to be one of my favorite people to disagree with but these days he just makes me angry over how wrong he is. And not wrong in a good way, which is certainly possible to do, wrong in a way that spurs thought or challenges me to refine my own position. (I'm a philosopher, and we love constructive wrongness, after all.) But he's just...

... yeah.

The latest installation in this ongoing story is a round in posts where he (as far as I can tell; I've only read quickly on the go) that after the assacre of several Coptic Christians it's now time for western Christians to "gird themselves" and get ready for full-out war. My inner pacifist is uncomfortable with talk of war in any context, and I honestly believe that going to war over symbolic killings of innocents like this leadds to much more human suffering and death on all sides than not going to war over this killing. But I can at least respect the argument that innocent people are being killed and it's moral, even necessary, to stand up for them.

What really bothers me about this is the implication that American Christians should be praying for their (secular) governments to go to war because other Christians have been killed. You see this in church circles, and it always gets me a bit upset. If you're saying ISIS are seriously evil dudes who kill all sorts of inncocents and are a threat to the global peace or American interests, that's fair. If you say they're killing innocents and that's so wrong it requires a threat because they're humans and so there are human rights concerns at play, I can roll with that as well. But that's not what's being said. It's that these are Christians, and that's something other Christians in particular should be upset over (which, okay, the communion of all saints and all that, with you so far), which means the countries that represents those Christians should be preparing for war.

And that's the point at which I want to bang my head against the wall. Because yes, I'm a Christian. Yes, the US government represents me. But represents me qua Christian? No way in hell, or in earth for that matter. Because the US government (or any other Western government for that matter, so far as I know) is not a Christian institution, and so it's just completely inappropriate for it to act a certain way because the people being hurt are Christians and so are a lot of its citizens. If the US (or whatever country) has any business getting involved, it has to be for some other reason entirely. It always amazes me how often my fellow Christians want to put a king (or president, or Congress) in God's place here. It's bad politics, but also really bad theology.

If you don't know what I'm talking about or anything, well, that's fine. Just know that I'm a bit upset over someone being wrong on the internet, but equally that I'm together enough to have that luxury and bother to express it.


In other news, I talked to C. about his mum. He agreed I shouldn't have to entertain her or even speak to her, though he'd appreciate it if I'd let her come by when he was out and let her use the apartment. Basic hospitality, not having to be with her. At some level that's reasonable, but it's hard to do if I don't have another option than to be around her. That was actually a problem before the recent unpleasantness - I'm not good if I don't have my own space where I can do my own thing, and my bedroom really only had the bed and places to put things but not a chair or desk. So I went to a furniture store and found a floor model of a computer desk they'll let me have for about $115, including delivering it and assembling it. And C. is letting me take one of the kitchen chairs into my room when I get that done. I'm waiting until I get my tax return in, but I think that will help a lot with a lot of things.

My computer seems to have officially died. I'm not sure what happened to it; I shut the screen to move across the room, and then the power button just wouldn't do anything. It's getting power (the indicator by the charger is lit) but nothing was working, and I wasn't even hearing any hum. Luckily everything I needed was in the cloud (not some things I wanted, but work and personal financials, sure), and I have a backup laptop. it's old, it's clunky, the keyboard has several keys missing but I used one of my Amazon cards to buy a USB keyboard, so that will soon be solved. And my return's enough that when it gets here I can get not just a desk but also a new machine. I didn't re-up support precisely for this reason, because I thought it was almost time to get a new machine anyway, and I'm looking at some machines in the $400-$500 range that have 6 GB Ram and 750 GB of hard drive, which should be affordable and meet my needs. Where are all the cool kids buying their computers these days? I should probably at least look. Or if anyone has heard good things of a mid-range laptop, I'd love to hear it. The current frontrunner (more so I can find it later): clickee.

I went out for a walk and a bit of quick shopping and returned with some new pillows and having all but chosen a desk. Also gloves, as it's Xinzhou-esque levels of cold out there. My sympathy is with Boston! I think it was double digits but just barely here, and that's actual temperature. No snow or ice, though, so it was more or less navigable. I also had a steak sandwich at the local burger/chicken shack, and was ... probably more annoyed than I should have been with this sign that bragged simultaneously of pure ice cream and "more than just ice cream." One cannot have it both ways.

Fandom-wise, I've mostly been rewatching Voyager episodes on Amazon. When my main computer died, it took with it any video and audio I had on it, which is a lot of what I watch for fun. But Star Trek is free on Amazon to Prime members, so there's that. It's a bit of a nostalgia kick, as it was the only Star Trek series I watched through its first run. A lot of it hasn't aged well, but the Doctor is still a first-class hoot. I also read "However Improbable" by tenderly_wicked, which is.. not what I'd have thought I'd like. And I get that it's maybe not to everyone's tastes. It's Sherlock/Magnussen, or rather Magnussen manipulating Sherlock into a nonconsensual relationship, and just the lost possibility of it is haunting. Really good way at getting into just what a worm Magnussen was, and I've not quite been able to get it out of my mind, in a good way.

Other than that, I've just been trying to keep my toes warm. Not as easy as it should be. :-)   
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