fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

theological valentines, and fandom wibbly-wobblies

These are really funny, if you like that kind of thing.

On a different note, I'm having definite wibbly-wobblies on whether to participate in the next round of acd_holmesfest. To be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with the exchange itself, which is really well run and has both a high quality of submissions and really good rates and quality of feedback. And if you write Doyle-'verse Sherlock Holmes fanfic, I'd really encourage you to head over and sign up yourself.

The thing is, for me, committing myself to write a story for someone else and knowing that they'll be disappointed if I don't come through (or that I'll create a last-minute hassle for other people is really high-stress. I also don't really like the pressure of having someone create specifically for me. I love the creativity and love seeing what someone else comes up with on my idea, but it makes replying feel a bit like an obligation rather than a gift to the author. I have either struggled with this aspect or in a few cases had to bail. I'm much better suited to being a pinch hitter because it lets me play hero, and because I'm a quick writer when I have an idea and a deadline. I spend much more time between projects than on them. The thing is, there's no guarantee they'll need a pinch-hit, and I'd really hate to let the fest pass without contributing to the Doyle fandom somehow, as it's one of my favorite fannish events.

So... a favor? Driven by my rather "unique" psychology more than anything. If I volunteer as a pinch hitter and am not needed, could I have someone agree ahead of time to give me a Doyle-verse prompt I could write for you? Maybe if you are participating yourself, particularly as a first-time participant, that would be good because it would let me feel like I was participating in my own unique way. The asynchronous prompting (where I do something extra for someone else but don't get anything in exchange) is just a much better fit for me, I think.

If no one's interested I'll probably bite my thumb and sign up as part of the main exchange. It really is a marvelous fandom event. (Sign-ups open through the 22nd, here.)
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