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scfrankles tagged me with the letter "B." Fitting. :-)

Something I hate: Boredom. If the "B" isn't cliched among Sherlockians, complaining of boredom, but if I don't have something to occupy my mind, it can get physically painful.

Something I love: I like big books, and I cannot lie. Also: Brahms, bagels, birdwatching, big band, and Belgian chocolate.

Somewhere I've been: Britain heads the list. I've been to Berlin but it's hardly my favorite part of that country (Munich tops the list). I have a strange, almost inexplicable fondness for Baltimore - I've loved it every time I visited. Bern was nice, as was Boston, though I must confess I've never been there in the fall.

(ETA: I now have it on good authority that I've not really seen Berlin, at least as it needs to be seen. So there's that.)

Somewhere I'd like to go: Bree. What, that's not an option?

Fine then: Beijing. It's just so different, I'd love to poke around some of the Buddhist temples.

Someone I know: Branwyn (lady_branwyn), who I met up with more than once when we lived in the same city a while aback - a lovely woman with a real sense of humor and just a delight to spend time with. Also dreamflower02, one of the kindest and most devoted members of the Tolkien fandom I've been privileged to know over the years.

A film I liked: Bell, Book and Candle. What can I say? I like old things.


Let me know if anyone would like a letter of their own.
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