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This is the little side-park off Crotona Park, the "main" one I live against now - basically just some park benches with a tree or two interspersed. And now, obviously, ice. That's the remnants of the superstorm that wasn't, quite a bit of ice and sleet we were gifted with on Monday and Tuesday, which has now been barely thawed and refrozen several times. We've had some days that were mid-thirties (2-3 Celsius) but more often it's been frigidly cold. Currently it's 17 F/- 8 C according to the little weather man in my computer, which I can only describe as Xinzhou-like. (Cabin Pressure fans will get the referene.)

Which is not so fun when you've struggled with a cough and head congestion for going on two weeks now, but it is beautiful. Aesthetically, I think winter is my favorite season, though I think I enjoy the autumn most at a personal level. On the stuffiness front, I finally found a doctor with weekend hours in my neighborhood that's accepting new patients, and I made an appointment for Saturday. So we'll see how that goes.

Given I've complained about the weather and mentioned a John Finnemore program, it's almost mandatory I pop this in.

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