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Is Tolkien Sexist? Go Not to the Elves.

I spent the better part of today writing out a "meta" (fan-essay) looking at the charge that Tolkien was sexist because the Fellowship and Thorin's company are all-male. I talked about gender among the Valar (looking at Yavanna/Aule, Uinen/Osse, and general descriptions from the Ainulindale), the Elves (looking at Aredhel, Galadriel, and general statements in LACE), and the Men (looking at Haleth, Tar-Zimraphel, and Eowyn). My conclusion is pretty much what the title implies: yes but also no, leaning heavily in the latter direction.

I'll probably write a more cleaned-up, less slangy version and post it at AO3 at some point, but in the meantime feel free to read it at

Also, dawn_felagund or rhapsody11, would SWG be interested in hosting a more formal version of this in the resource section? It's quite Silm-heavy, so if you want it, let me know.
Tags: meta, my meta, tolkien
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