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Sherlock Fic: Grit on the Lens

holmestice reveals are officially posted, so I can publicly acknowledge the story I wrote for that exchange now. Please, do go read all the lovely submissions. My own entry is below.

Title: Grit on the Lens
Recipient: blueonblue
Author: marta_bee
Betas: All honor and praise to lindahoyland and sjames_centre
Characters/Pairings: Mycroft Holmes, Irene Adler, cameo by the Equerry and Anthea
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4,901 + Notes

Summary: To Mycroft Holmes she would always be the Woman. An attempt to nudge the BBC's version of Irene Adler in a direction more compatible with her Doyle self, and fix some of that episode's more troubling bits at the same time.

Read it at AO3 or the Holmestice LJ.

Thanks so much to cherrytide, eanor, xfdryad, sanquinity, blueonblue, saki101, billiethepoet, cathedralcarver, and snarryfool, who reviewed it through the exchange (I will reply individually ... I hope); to lindahoyland and sjames_centre for their very helpful and fast betas, and to billiethepoet for making room for me in the exchange.

*phew* When you throw in the New Year's eve Johnlock ficlet I threw together and posted over at Tumblr, this makes the third fic I've shared in as many days. I hope you all are content with radio silence for about the next six months now. :-)
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