fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

done-dids: moved in

I got the furniture out of my old apartment either thrown out or moved. Really, I moved very little: a book case, an end-table, a window AC unit, a lamp, and some clothes, books, kitchen stuff, all that. The rest came with the place. Photos below the cut. (Xposted from FB)

The buliding next door trying to get their holiday cheer on. It's not Pelzer, but they're trying.

The park across the street. You'll have to take my word that it's actually quite nice (walking paths, baseball + basketball courts) - my camera's not capable of doing it justice at night. Also no criminal activity which in this city can be a bit of a concern.

For the encouragement of various non-NYC family that worries after my safety: that's a door you can get through without a key. Behind me and up a half-flight of stairs is the locked key. This is supposed to be safer the same way the courtyard at Cambreleng was - I guess because you're fiddling for your keys you're off the street. It's clean and well-lit, and did feel safe.

The entry corridor. Nice bright colors and even some Xmas decorations.

The kitchen. Notice not only the table but the actual counter. Itty-bitty counter, but anyone who's lived in the old building (or, you know, NYC) knows this isn't to be scoffed at.

Two angles of the living room.

I didn't take photos but there's also a lovely beige upholstered sofa. That black number is a futon or something modular, and really isn't that comfortable.

And now my bedroom.

And there's that sofa!

Honestly, the most interesting place about me are the books. I'd gotten rid of most of mine when I left grad school (a lot were FU library books anyway; the rest weren't relevant), and tossed quite a few more that I just didn't need or want. So these are the ones I'm most tied to.

Have no fear, I have many, many more books and DVDs. On Kindle. That's actually how I prefer them, but it's hard to get a photograph of.

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