fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

First round of Christmas cards are in the mail. All three of them! More are coming soon, though. I also received an ecard from azalaisdep which reminded me that I'm always receiving cards from lindahoyland and other people as well, and never thanking them. It brightens my day so much! I just never seem to have the energy to follow through and mention them for some reason. But thank you, thank you, thank you - please know that being thought of makes a good deal of difference.

Now, if I could offer you a Christmas gift, by way of a recommendation, it would be this:

A Christmas Carol (DW 2010 Christmas Special)

It's Doctor Who, but please don't let that scare you off if sci-fi isn't your style. It's whimsical, more fairy tale than gods-and-monsters, and cvery much modeled after the spirit of the Dickens tale. Starring Matt Smithof course but also Michael Gambon in the analogue to Ebeneezer Scrooge and Laurence Belcher, the lovely young Charles Xavier from X-Men: First Class as Gambon's younger self - and really the focus is on them. It's just so whimsical. The perfect modern-day fairytale to cuddle under the blanket with a mug of hot cocoa and watch.

I can't give it away, unfortunately, but $2 isn't so unreasonable I don't think (to be able to watch it whenever, you're not just renting), and it definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit. Free if you have a Prime account, as are all things Whovian outside the most recent series.
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