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winter wonderland

Here in NYC we survived our first snowstorm of the season. My phone still needs a SIM card so I can't offer you photos I took, but here's one the NY Times took of Riverside Park:

That's in my borough, though it's a substantial bus ride away. Here we got a little less snow but not by much. Still, it was more or less gone within a night. I did need boots to get through the sludge, but the metal stairway down to trash-bins wasn't icy or anything, and the roads were pretty clear once you got past the snowbanks around the curb.

It did put me in the mood for winter so I made a grocery run. Mix for snickerdoodles (+ brownies, but that's for the OWS guys) as well as my Abuelita hot chocolate mix. Ever since I did study abroad waaaay back in 2003, I have been in the habit of actually taking a tea break around 4 PM, but when it's snowy I sub my Tetley's for Mexican-style cocoa instead. Also picked up popcorn kernels to go with the new popper I just bought (b/c my store raised the price on the microwave popcorn again). I had been thinking about it for a long time because it's healthier and cheaper in the long-run but needed the kick to motivate myself. Hot cocoa and popcorn is great winter snack

The snow also reminded me I need to go clothes-shopping. My winter teaching "uniform" is slacks, boots, and a short-sleeve button-down blouse under a cableknit sweater. I only wear them in winter because I can get away without ironing them this way. ;-) But last year's set have seen better days so now I need to find a place that sells short-sleeve blouses - in November. (Anyone know some online shop with a good return policy?) Oh, and boots, because last year's are almost worn through. But that I think I can find in actual stores.

ETA: Winter always makes me think of the boys' choir "Libera." So here they are singing "Lux Aeterna":

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