fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

That's me, asking Neil Gaiman a question by Tumblr - and getting an actual answer back. It's in response to this item, which mentions that Louise Brealey (Molly on Sherlock) is involved in a new production of Good Omens.

This isn't really the most contact I've had with a high-profile celebrity (I once found myself on the same street corner in Glasgow with Billy Boyd and stood there not-staring for about ninety seconds waiting for the light to turn, or at least his twin, but was too nervous sensible to speak to him), but it's definitely the high point for which I have actual proof. Plus, you know, comparisons asde any day involving Neil Gaiman is much better than one without.

Very nice to wake up to, in any event. If you heard a high-pitched squeal an hour or so ago coming from the NYC area, now you know why.
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