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It's about time to do another round-up of things I've been enjoying, fannish and otherwise.

First, the non-fannish. Here are somd articles I've enjoyed - a bit of religion, a bit of history, a bit of philosophy, and a smidgen of policy and politics if by the latter we can mean actual issues as opposed to the horse-races and the attacks and counterattacks.

1. The Forgotten Female Shell-Shock Victims of World War I [The Atlantic]

2. Hating One's Enemy in Early America [Patheos]

3. "I'll fucking cut you." Behind the scenes of the 1491s' segment on "The Daily Show" [about a Native American comedy troupe that appeared on the DS to discuss racist sports team names, and how others reacted to them]

4. How to Order Chinese Food [Slate] (a fascinating walkthrough of the different varieties of Chinese cuisine)

5. Talking White: Black people’s disdain for “proper English” and academic achievement is a myth. [Slate]

6. The Dawn of Modern Anesthesia [The Atlantic]

7. Letters from the Sukkah [Velveteen Rabbi] (simply beautiful account of Rabbi Rachel's recent Sukkot experience)

8. Interning is the new volunteering [The Atlantic]

9. Southern Justice: How an 1865 ruling in favor of Confederate soldiers just protected the vote for minorities in Arkansas.

10. Only God Can Stop Public Urination: How ceramic tiles could keep Indians from treating the streets as a urinal


And on a slightly more fannish note, some meta and fic I've enjoyed.

1. Stairway to Heaven by beautifulfiction. Sherlock has to try on women's lingerie for a case and sexytiems ensue. Wonderful, wonderful sexytiems.

2. Why it doesn't matter what Benedict Cumberbatch thinks of Sherlock fan fiction. In the wake of the recent "Out" interview, reading this positive discussion of fandom just felt so good. It's not that I agree, though I think I did with most of it, it's more that this woman gets it and seeing that in print was hugely validating.

3. Untitled piece, so by way of introduction... This was just a really interesting exploration of Steve's psychological progression in TFA through The Avengers and TWS. Why he acts the way he does, how it relates to trauma and coping with it, and... yeah. Just read it.

4. Costuming and Design in Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- Nick Fury, Black Widow, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Engaged, by lifeonmars. John/Sherlock, unrated but I don't remember it being all that explicit. Really, it's more a delightful meditation on marriage and being married and how Sherlock might relate to all of that. Very touching and thought-provoking.

6. The Sigil of Beren. On why Beren's house symbol pretty much had to be put together without consulting him.

7. It Was All Right in Front of Him, by bees_stories. Simply beautiful 5+1 story in which Lestrade sees but does not observe. John/Sherlock, but not explicit.

8. The Cleverness of Me, by Solshine. In which Sherlock once was a boy who refused to grow up until he sort of had to. A particularly imaginative fusion of Peter Pan and Sherlock, involving kid!Sherlock and kid!(but really not very childlike)!Mycroft.


As always, if you want to catch up with what I'm sharing fannish and otherwise it's probably best to skim my Tumblr pages. I mean, no shame or anything; it's just that I see some interesting stuff there and can't hope to share it all here as well. Plus some of it is art and that seems to be unacceptable, to post people's art on a different site. But people seemed to like links to help them do that, so I'll just paste in the same links I included last time. This is just copied from the last time I posted it, but the links should still work.

--- My Sherlock-centric blog, including BBC, Granada, Doyle, and photos of the cast.

--- My other fandoms page, including Harry Potter, The Avengers, Tolkien, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Star Trek, and other assorted things.

--- My beauty page, full of animals, photographs, art, old things, and just things that make me smile.

--- My geekery page, full of things that made me sit up and think "cool." A smorgasbord of philosophy, history, linguistics, science, theology, and the like. Mostly RL, but some related to art or literature.

Hope you enjoy some of this, if it interests you.
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