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Sherlock ficlet - sketch - thing

This morning I mentioned I'd written the first new thing I'd written a while, over at Tumblr. It's not really fic in the full length, structured thing, but I still thought some of you might enjoy it. I started off with this video of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence":

And then added:

Sometimes you come across a song that just seems screams Sherlock on some level to you. This is one such song. Just imagine Sherlock getting overwhelmed when the world is too loud and people press just a bit too close and the very fabric of his clothes (finest wool and silk and cut so they sit just right and don’t claw at him in reality, but perception can be a funny thing) just seems to grate against his skin. It’s before he met John or maybe John’s just away at Glasgow at some idiotic medical conference. So he turns off the lights and strips down and sinks into his chair with nothing but his sheet around him, and plunges into his mind palace.

Where this song is playing. And there’s probably Redbeard asking for nothing more than a good ear-scritch and offering simple, undemanding companionship in return. Or if it’s the medical convention, maybe John is there inside his head, and he sets aside the ridiculous mystery novel (I mean, clearly it was the accountant) and lets Sherlock curl up in the chair so he’s almost in John’s lap but not quite, and John runs one hand through his hair and traces soothing curlicues with the other on the base of his neck with the other, and they’re just there together, and that lets the world wait outside for a while.

And in the background there’s this music playing. Which really makes no sense because John usually doesn’t have music on just because and even if he did he’d turn it off if Sherlock came in in a strop. Still, Sherlock’s learned not to question such things in here.

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