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I know I'm behind on replying to comments (again) and beta-work (also again), but on the offchance anyone's interested:

1. Over at my stand-alone blog, I talked about the American voting laws, both if you're an astronaut and if you just lack a state ID card.

2. And over at Tumblr, I talked a bit about Molly Hooper's character and why I think the fact that she's not a love interest really kind of rocks. Only scratch out the "kind of."


It's probably a good time to remind everyone that I do share a fiar number of things over at Tumblr, fannish and otherwise. I really stink about doing round-ups, but in case you're interested:

--- My Sherlock-centric blog, including BBC, Granada, Doyle, and photos of the cast.

--- My other fandoms page, including Harry Potter, The Avengers, Tolkien, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Star Trek, and other assorted things.

--- My beauty page, full of animals, photographs, art, old things, and just things that make me smile.

--- My geekery page, full of things that made me sit up and think "cool." A smorgasbord of philosophy, history, linguistics, science, theology, and the like. Mostly RL, but some related to art or literature.

... and some have gotten mixed up. Really must do better at that in the future ...


I was killing time on the bus the other day and read this old post over at the Midhavens by dreamflower02. Fascinating stuff on the history of Thranduil's character in The Hobbit.


I'm also starting to think and plan and write on the Advent project. Pontificating on the possibility of doing a series built around the women of Sherlock and the virtues of the Advent wreath, kind of like I did for the women of Gondor + Rohan a while back. Plus some odd ficlets. If you haven't already, please drop me a comment with your prompt on this thread. They are both welcome and appreciated, even if you don't think of us as particularly close.
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