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PSA: MEFAs and the HASA closure

I'm sure everyone who reads this LJ in the Tolkien fandom knows the HASA archive is closing down at year's end. It's the real end of an era, and like a lot of people I'm sad to see it go. Really sad, actually. Though I have been enjoying looking back at some of my old favorites as I help out with the HASA rescue project.

Sentiment and reminiscences aside, though, the archive's closing is sure to affect other sites as well. At least one that I'm aware of and involved with: . This is the archive related to the MEFA fanfic awards, which has all the information and reviews left for every story nominated for those awards. And, the real point here, links to an archive or other site where the story was posted. If the author gave a HASA link back when it was first nominated, that's the link uses. Which means, come December, that link won't work anymore.

I mentioned this problem to some of the MEFA volunteers a few days ago, and aranel_took stepped up to take care of it. She's more than a bit good, to abuse a Sherlock phrase. :-) She just asks that you leave your name, title, and the new URL you prefer to use, as a comment on this LJ. Or if you prefer not to use LJ comments, you can also email her this information at the address she listed.

Click to get to the MEFA post of link updateage.

This isn't limited to HASA links, btw: if you want to change the links posted to the MEFA archive site for any reason, now's a good time to send in the new link. And please feel free to pass this link around to anyone who'd be interested.
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