fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Sherlock box set + job hunt news

Some fun news for the Sherlock fandom: we're getting an ultra-deluxe, so-expensive-it-ought-to-include-cookies-from-Mrs.-H. box set. For serious fans of the show it's probably worth the $200 price tag, particularly if you want DVDs and don't already have the series: it includes all three series but also the long-desired gag reel from the first two series, a deleted scene from series three, other goodies of a behind-the-scenes sort, as well as some printed fanart that looks a lot like Alice Zhang's work (though I'm just assuming) as well as busts of Sherlock and John.

The funny thing is back in the heyday of the Tolkien films, if I'd been an adult with actual money rather than a perpetually-broke college student, I probably would have lapped all of those up particularly if I hadn't already bought the extended DVDs, which I had. With Sherlock I'm a bit of a different kind of fan. I'm more attracted to the fandom than the show itself in a lot of ways, and so I'd much rather spend my cash commissioning artwork and buying Doyle pastiches than buying a piece of merchandise. I just don't need physical objects with this show. Not that I've gone all Buddhist when it comes to hobbies; it's just that I access most things electronically and I don't ever watch the DVDs I have. I'd probably pay good $$$ to access some of those special features if I could do that with the ones I was interested in, like was available with the Day of the Doctor specials. I bought a few of those, and since I'm so much more interested in Sherlock I probably would buy nearly all of them. But I just don't watch DVDs, it's too much trouble to pull them out and then remember to put them away again. Busts imply bookshelf space in need of filling, and I'm 99.9% confident that if the features aren't made available for purchase online (as in streaming video vs. DVD) they'll be put up illicitly. And Team 221B has already gotten their pound of flesh and more out of me; on top of having streaming services that give me streaming access to the shows I've also bought the videos as a way of supporting them, along with streaming versions of all the soundtracks and several books about the making of the show. So I think I'm doing my part. :-)

Still, it fascinates me how much we change, how I change, how the technology changes the way we take part in these stories. I would have loved to have an uber-special-edition version of Return of the King with that bust of Minas Tirith back in the day. That just doesn't seem to be who I am these days.

Other news: I got invited out to a series of on-site interviews tomorrow afternoon with the academic coordinator job I mentioned. I'm excited, but also of course nervous. *crosses fingers*
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