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Signal Boost: ACD-Holmesfet Exchange

I know I mentioned this at the end of a longish post, but acd_holmesfest is about to start up a new exchange. They always manage to hit the fannish sweet spot of (1) friendly, helpful admins, (2) high-quality submissions, and (3) a community that genuinely seems to enjoy each others' company.

I'm not signing up as an exchange participant this time simply because my drive to write seems to have relocated to another timezone, and while I'm trying to get it back I don't want to end up in a situation where someone creates something for me and I can't reciprocate. (Again.) But I've volunteered as a pinch-hit writer if needed, and I have every intention of reading all the fic and looking at all the art so I can ooh and ahh appreciatively. If the last round is any indication, that won't be a hardship.

If you're at all interested in writing Sherlock Holmes fanfic (ACD Holmes, not BBC or any of the other adaptations), even if you don't consider yourself part of the fandom, I sincerely hope you'll consider it. I had a really good experience with them back in the spring and, speaking purely selfishly, I'd love to see some of my friends from in and out of the fandom try their hand at this.

--- Sign up here
--- between now and 08 Sept., midnight BST
--- submissions due on 24 Oct., again midnight GMT
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