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Retro Daily Show: Indecision 2000 clip

Current politics have me depressed. As odd as this seems, I miss Bush in a bizarre way (and I was not his biggest fan...). I think it's that I miss knowing who the bad guys were. The Republicans are frustratingly populist at the moment, but the Democrats really need to grow a spine, beginning with the man in charge. I have been bringing homemade brownies and new underwear and socks to the OWS crowd, but still I feel disillusioned and impotent.

Anyway, that has me watching old Daily Show clips. This is a good thing because most of the Bush years are a blur to me (first half I was too young and naive to be aware of much; second half RL went pear-shaped and just as I was getting political). So this lets me reconstruct some history I missed. Plus it's just good fun.

Case in point: this clip, from the aftermath of the 2000 election. Stephen Colbert lets his inner geek go on play. I never watched Superfriends, and this still had me laughing out loud.

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