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I can haz certification!

I may have always been certifiable, but I am now proud to admit that I am now certified! I finished up Fordham's two-part training to join their LGBT ally network. I have long been a supporter of their work and I'd actually reached out to them for help on teaching philosophical concepts related to philosophy in a way that was more inclusive. I sometimes have to be offensive to jar people out of their assumptions - but I like for my offensiveness to be planned rather than accidental!

Still, I hadn't been able to attend the trainings because of scheduling. That problem is now solved. I was really impressed with the training, actually. The two-session format gave plenty of time for reflection about what we were discussing. I felt I could openly say things that weren't homophobic but were not exactly warm-and-fuzzy, like the fact that when a friend came out to me I felt I had been lied to (even though I recognized I hadn't been, and why the friend didn't come out right away). I felt like I could admit that even in a room full of LGBT-affirming individuals. Maybe I just am incapable of shading the truth, but I like to see it had more to do with good conversation.

I also was impressed with how the whole event was infused with cura personalis, the Jesuit philosophy that we are educating and caring for the whole individual. It's hard to nail down exactly why I got that impression; but I just had a real sense that they were balancing my school's catholic identity and all that implied about sexual ethics, with a true concern for the students as individuals and a drive to help them develop into adults, psychologically and sexually as well as intellectually.

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