fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

O Frabjous Day!

I was able to schedule an appointment with a doctor for this afternoon, and on top of that I found someone to "cover" my place in a fanfic exchange so I can focus on maybe getting better. (I am so ready to be physically better.)

Thanks to everyone for the medicine recommendations. There was an error on the pharmacy's website and they closed at five rather than six so I was only able to get the basic kinds of medicines you can pick up at the grocery store (throat lozenges and Sudafed) yesterday. In some ways that's not all bad, as I'd downplay any symptoms if I possibly could. But I've been doing the salt-water gargle thing and may try out some of the rest when I hit the store this afternoon. Just having things I can try without having to know what to do myself helps.
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