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I think I saw one of the weirdest scenes play out today I've encountered at least since moving to New York. Here we have what are called bodegas, kind of live seven-elevens only without the gas pumps. Many have cats, I'm guessing for pest control or just as pets. You tend to have "your" bodega (the oe you go to regularly), and the cat there tends to know you. So there is a tuxedo cat on my block that lets me scritch him between the ears.

Today I saw Sammy catch a mouse behind the garbage bins. Out of, actually - a mess was made that Sammy assures me was more the mouse's doing than his - and he started to take it into his shop, I'm guessing because it was an offering to his owners. I told him he shouldn't do that and, chagrined, he dropped the dead mouse just to the side of the entryway, went in, and came back a few seconds later with one of those plastic bags in his mouth. He then proceeded to put the mouse in the bag and then when his owner came out a bit later (it was right at the shift change), he carried it home with the bag in his mouth.

Essentially, the cat has learned the concept of takeaway and is mimicking it. I mean, granted, this is not rare behavior. But still, that's one clever animal.

PS - In other news, today was a bit of a rough one, though not as bad as yesterday. Sun ==> nosebleeds ==> stained collars. New bra in the wrong size ==> headaches ==> world-class grumpiness. That kind of thing. I also got kicked out of the library for sitting down in the kids' section, sans munchkin. (To my credit it was incredibly poorly marked and there weren't free tables elsewhere; to theirs, a single woman sitting in the library in the middle of the day alone is a bit creepy, I guess. Particularly as I'm well-dressed and groomed so not homeless or anything. No fic was written or edited, but I did talk to S., an old friend in Germany, as I mentioned. Also got to start Earl Grey's "Single Girl" over dinner. (You guys should get me started about the value of kindles for making fanfic reading seem like an actual book-reading experience, and why Amazon may never get another actual book purchase from me as long as AO3 is in business now that I can email a MOBI file to my tablet (which AO3 lets you create with the click of a button) and read any story I like without the need for a laptop.) And that's not nothing, by any stretch.
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