fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Yesterday I finally made it to the grocery store. This was mainly noteworthy because of this sight:

That's a completely empty (save myself and the bus driver) New York City bus. And it stayed empty for like five stops after I got on. I don't know that that's ever happened.

Of course, going back the other direction was impossible. There was some kind of construction which meant buses were few and far between. I waited forty-five minutes, in which time one bus came by and was so packed I couldn't have gotten on (physically!) even if I didn't have groceries with me. I finally broke down and took a cab. I really don't want to turn into one of those complainers and am trying to stay more positive, but this was really very frustrating because the man didn't have a good grasp of English. I really do get that learning a new language is hard and if you're the main breadwinner you may not nave time to take classes. I don't judge people who need forms in a non-English language or talk with other people who know the language. But if you're taking on a job where communicating with people is a big part of the job and where you can't really get help, understanding the language seems kind of important. THough maybe it's being caught up in myself that I expect everyone to speak English.

I can't remember if I mentioned it, by vulgarweed has a really nice fanfic she recently finished, a crossover between Sherlock and The Wicker Man. I know the first obviously, but the second is completely new to me, I just read the Wikipedia synopsis. And the story is flat-out magical, it's really engrossing and original. So if you're interested: The Straw Man Fallacy.
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